Christmas Tree Decoration Pendant 8cmPET Plastic Painted Christmas Ball

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Product information:

Material: plastic
Product Number: Special-shaped transparent ball
Color: transparent
Category: Christmas balls
Specification :
A: Olive twill,
B: Triangle pattern onion style,
C: Snow olive,
D: Circle olive type,
E: Twill onion style,
F: Onion type with ring pattern,
G: Red pine needle triangle pattern,
H: 6cm red fruit snowflake model,
I: 8cm red fruit snowflake model,
J: Red pine needles,
K: 6cm red fruit circle pattern,
L: 8cm red fruit circle pattern,
M: 6cm red pine needle horizontal pattern,
N: 8cm red pine needle horizontal pattern,
O: Red pine needle twill pattern,
P: Pinecone and Red Fruit

Size information:
Size: 6/8cm

Packing list :

Christmas ball*1pc

Product picture: