Halloween Decoration Artificial Animal Skeleton

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material: plastic
Process: Injection
Type of props: Terrorist ornaments
No size 33cm mouse 60g, 32cm scorpion 66g, 20cm spider 51g, 30cm bat 40g, 43cm lizard 43g, 15cm frog 80g, 25cm fish 98g, 18cm crow 90g, 57cm cat 310g, 48cm dog 500g, 34cm owl 390g, 27cm bald 390g , 83cm big spider, 34cm dragon 130g, 15cm snake 30g, 20cm gecko 26g, 52cm short dog 280g, 50cm small cat 190g, 100cm cobra 368g, 19CM sitting dog 86g, 19CM sitting cat 89g

Product Name: Halloween Horror Decoration Animal
Product material: PP PVC

Function: Some joints can be movedgGmXgvmgzdQG6PFNd0UNoPj0sRvFQjUuhRci
骷髅猫 (1)
骷髅猫头鹰 (2)
骷髅鱼 (1)
骷髅乌鸦 (1)
骷髅蜘蛛 (1)