Halloween Doodle Pumpkin 12pc

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1. The color is novel, exquisite, high-quality, and can be reused.
2. The artificial fruit is made of materials such as environmentally friendly foamed plastic and hand-feeling glue.
3. The simulation degree, appearance and size of simulated fruits are exactly the same as real vegetables.
4. Without careful monitoring or weighing, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.
5. The simulated fruit is not afraid of collision, will not be broken, will not rot, will not deteriorate, and will not smell,
6. It will not be eaten, whether it is exposed to sunlight in outdoor, high temperature, windy and other environments. 7. It will not affect its normal visual effects.

Use occasion:
1. Advertising advertisements, conference celebrations, home furnishings, decorations, souvenirs, prize toys, mascots, and others
2. Adaptation places: offices, homes, photography, hotel shops, model rooms, furniture exhibition halls,
Kitchenware exhibition halls, display refrigerators, outdoor displays, entertainment venues, exhibition halls, gardens, squares,
The best choice for various occasions such as airports, trade fairs, schools, shopping malls, religious temples and other large supermarkets

Product information:
Name: Imitation White Pumpkin
Material: foam plant + special craft
Specification: OPP packaging
Places: Halloween decoration, supermarket exhibition, shopping mall decoration, photography props, etc.

The package includes:

12x Artificial white pumpkin