Halloween Horror Sister Ghost Sticker

Halloween Horror Sister Ghost Sticker

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3D door sticker: 3D self-adhesive door sticker, peelable and affixed, easy to paste, you can complete the operation in a few minutes.

Ghost Wall Door: Use different styles of sticker design to decorate your house and create a unique atmosphere that can cover the wall defects, make your house more space, and have a new visual impact, suitable for Halloween parties.

Made of ecological vinyl. Removable and waterproof, reusable and undamaged.

Occasion: Can be used on any smooth, clean and dry surface such as bedroom, living room, playroom, door, wall, furniture, mirror and window; not suitable for irregular, rough and textured surfaces.

Size: 38x200 cm, set of 2 door stickers.

How to glue?

1. Wipe all grease, dust and moisture on the surface. .. It is best to spray water on the glass or metal surface before pasting. Because it is easier to delete first.

2. Peel off the first pattern bracket from the door sticker trim and place it on the side door.

3. Touch the decoration of the door sticker to extend the service life. .. Use a plastic card to scratch water and air bubbles.

4. Stick the second pattern to the door on the other side.

5. Perfectly cut and hide the edges. Dry

This product includes:

1x Halloween Ghost Map