Pumpkin Skull LED Lights Halloween Pumpkin Ghost Skeletons Table Light

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1. Brand new 2021 Halloween resin pumpkin lantern
2. Put it on the terrace and doorway of the outdoor house to surprise your friends and neighbors!
3. Attract the attention of children and adults to ghost carnivals, fancy dress parties, Halloween parades, and troublemakers.
4. Add to your Halloween costumes, props, and decorations
5. Use three button batteries with a switch at the bottom
6. It must be great to decorate your house with this candle!

Product information:
Process: Semi-manual and semi-mechanical
Prop Type: stage background
Size: Two skull pumpkins in a single package, one skull pumpkin in a single package, set of 2
Main downstream platforms
Applicable holiday: Halloween
Battery: Three Button Electronics
Product name: Resin Pumpkin Light
Product weight: see option diagram
Product material: resin, electronic components
Color box size: 17*17.5*18cm
Product packaging: single color box packaging

Packing list:
LED skull light*1